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Why I do what I do

This website will give you a glimpse into my work as an artist,  community builder and activist. I have been negotiating the world through the lens of a creative entrepreneur for the last two decades. It's been a wonderful journey with a lot of learning and collaborating with people I deeply respect.
In the coming years, I believe that creative thinkers will be crucial to document, stitch, hold and present the world. We are at the very edge of collapse on one side, and of a future that can spin out into unimaginable wonders on the other. I believe we can get to the happier side by working together!

Group Exhibition between 19th Dec 08 – 29th Jan 09

January 27th, 2009

Hey, As you guys are aware I took part in a group exhibition in a gallery newly opened in Colaba, Mumbai known as ‘The Strand Art. There were 18 artists in the show, all from Baroda. As the gallery was not too big, the show was done in two parts. Below are two of my works exhibited in the show.

‘Girl Dancing with the Sun & Moon’-3ftx3ft
‘Bird Flying Underwater’ 3 ft x 3 ft

You’ll have seen these works before. The gallery lady Ruksaan told me that there were people interested in my work, but as the market is bad now, no sale :-((
Anyway, it dosent matter if atleast people like my work. But money is just needed all the time


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  • sucks nirali. same thing with me. the dec show in nyc had a great response. but no buyers. they put me in a second show, and looks like nothing there either. so disheartening. i want to stay optimistic but its damn hard – especially when money is needed! but lets hang in there!

  • Nirodh – do tell us more about the experience of doing this group show. What at the key learnings – things that we should avoid/attempt with ours.

    Don’t think too much about the sales aspect of it. Over the next couple of years I really doubt that ppl will be buying unknown new artists. We should however use this time to build a great reputation and strong foundation for our work. I think the way to make ends meet is to go do some external work (related to art) or garner some sort of funding…

    We will survive :)