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This website will give you a glimpse into my work as an artist,  community builder and activist. I have been negotiating the world through the lens of a creative entrepreneur for the last two decades. It's been a wonderful journey with a lot of learning and collaborating with people I deeply respect.
In the coming years, I believe that creative thinkers will be crucial to document, stitch, hold and present the world. We are at the very edge of collapse on one side, and of a future that can spin out into unimaginable wonders on the other. I believe we can get to the happier side by working together!

Show & New Works and all excited!!!

September 21st, 2010

Hello gurlys,

Whats up? Poojie – Arcna & I caught up on phone last week and we discussed about our show in Jaaga, mid-Jan 2011. How is it going? Pooja, what are your plans for the show. Arc & I were discussing that maybe we could put monitors with blog alongside our paintings

I have plans to start a new series of work, especially for Jaaga and shall be at it obsessively. The curation theory workshop just got over two days ago. So was super super busy with it. But it was a great experience. I had to present two papers, one a reading by J J. Charlesworth, a practicing curator, scholar, critic from London who spoke about the blurring of distinctions between the curator-artist and institutions, the blurring of the power and identity. The 2nd one was a curatorial proposal by me… The basic premise of it was that I suggested that no writing as a concept note should be given to artist. Instead the concept note should to take another form – no words used. In this case, I presented shapes. It went very well. I got a good response.

I am setting out to do a research for the new body of works for our show. My canvases wont be too big. Around 1 feet x 1 feet. Around 12. As and when I start things I am going to post it on the site. Each stage. Pooja, put up what you are doing now. I guess Arcna is starting the work for the show after her return from Berlin, I think early October. But look forward to your posts, Arc. I am just concentrating on this, till December after which i am coming to Bangalore.

Looking Forward hearing from you both soon


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  • Hey Nirali,

    Just went over to the Curation Theory website. Pretty interesting. Perhaps I will apply for the Blore one.

    How about you put your presentation up here for us to see…perhaps the slide show as a .pdf. I think you can just go the Powerpoint file and say save as .pdf?


    Congrats on crossing over the stage fear bit :)

  • congrats nirali. it all sounds so exciting. i am also doing little pieces for the show. i dont know how many i will have up yet though. planning on working super hard on it.
    this mth has been busy with personal stuff. eian turns a yr old and we are busy planning his first yr party! anyway, have a couple of canvases prepped and ready to go. just super annoyed to have to think about shipping and moving the works!

  • Hey arc.. yeah shall put up my presentation, soon.
    Poojie Eian is one??? wow, how time flies. I know till October 2nd will be all busy
    All excited about our show, also the concept and how it fits together. I think I know what arcna meant about fitting the works in the space. The Jaaga space is very different. I hope you opened the site…

  • no, could not open the site. i get the idea about the space.. but not too sure how to incorporate. i mean are you supposed to change the nature of the work to fit the space? besides hanging it free-hanging in the middle – not on a conventional wall, i dont know what to really think about altering the work itself.

  • maybe arcna, you can just send poojie few photographs of the place