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Why I do what I do

This website will give you a glimpse into my work as an artist,  community builder and activist. I have been negotiating the world through the lens of a creative entrepreneur for the last two decades. It's been a wonderful journey with a lot of learning and collaborating with people I deeply respect.
In the coming years, I believe that creative thinkers will be crucial to document, stitch, hold and present the world. We are at the very edge of collapse on one side, and of a future that can spin out into unimaginable wonders on the other. I believe we can get to the happier side by working together!

Oct 26th 2010 – NEWS

October 26th, 2010

Chugging along with works for the show. will post by the end of this week some pictures of work in progress.

Besides the show, getting very busy here. I have two portrait commissions to work on and complete before Dec. Dont quite like doing this kind of work, but money is money.
Got invited to do a figurative show in May. Total of three artists. I do hope it comes together. The guy has to send me a written contract and invite.
Oh, and I’m pregnant : )
Hee hee. I thought you girls would get a kick out of that. We’re due in May. Ben and I thought how about a sibling and play companion for Eian while he’s still young and we’re still going through the craziness of everything. Excited.
I feel my art is going through a whole different crazy period! Yes, it will be difficult at first, but i’d rather have all the diaper stage over and done with at one time.
Ok, so thats all the busyness here.
Btw, arch when will you be back in blore? i know you’re headed this way in dec.
also, what are the show preps we need to be doing?


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  • Wow you baby-making machine :) This is great news.

    One thought I had was – as we chug along, we should all reflect a little on how the show ties together more coherently.

    I mean, on the one hand, yes we are keeping in touch and blogging – but why would we curate ourselves together? I feel the works have to slowly talk to each other.

    Perhaps this would happen organically, but given our timelines…I am a bit worried that depending purely on organic connections to establish might not be the best way to go.

    The more we see of each other’s work – the more we can start that conversation.

    Nirali – the game box idea is really interesting…would you consider going along that route for this exhibition? Since we havent started full-swing on our work – can we select a theme or a board framework that we can fit ourselves and what we are interested to work on?

    One thought I had was, based on Nirali’s comment on her Game Box post – can we base our work around the notion of value and belief.

    What is the most important compass for our own lives, thoughts and creations?

    Pooj – I hope you have been able to see pics of Jaaga on our website – if not, then I would be happy to email you some. Its super important to have the space in mind when you work, given how it is (not a white cube) and its rather strong personality.

    Try to think in terms of making your paintings/ work more installational. Each room is about 4meters x 4 meters. Think how you would use that.

  • Hello gurls!
    First of all super congrats to you poojie… & take care of your health :-)I think it will be super duper fun!!!
    About the show, Arcna as you mentioned about the time constraint, I think it would be difficult to actually think of what to do in a box form, with this new idea of value & belief in such a limited period. I have already done research for the project ‘Circle and Square’ in the blog which maybe you didnt see. Even for these works, I really have to rush doing them as I shall be comin to bangalore late December itself. I will think of the display on how to do it differently
    But dont you think the very idea of 3 of us doing different works discussed on the internet is a reason enough to show together. I really think at this stage to try and link works which have to be created in two months, atleast for me will be quite difficult.
    You know what after we complete our works we can link them, otherwise it might just get confusing and ofcourse we will discuss, hopefully profusely on the blog!

  • hmm.. well, i agree with both of you. both have super relevant points. i agree with arch on the point that we have to consider the space and why we are showing together. a show based on the theme of value and beliefs sounds really good.
    i agree with nirali in that us coming up with the blog and communicating with each other all this while – even through everything that has been going on in our lives is a very tangible connection that we have to show our works together.
    the idea that we are three friends getting together and working and connecting through geography – through the internet is really a great uniting factor.
    arch, i also do agree about the limited time frame.
    as for my work, i really have to think about how to make it installational..
    please email me pics of jaaga. have not been able to open the site

  • Nirali – perhaps adding the layer of value and beliefs onto the formal aspects of circle and square might take your existing research into an interesting direction?
    In the same way, pooj, I think the work that you are currently doing might have an interesting additional layer when thought of through the perspective of Values & Beliefs perhaps.

    Essentially what I meant with this suggestion of having a unifying framework, is that for the audience and to make sense of our work, apart from the basis of 3 friends using the internet to keep in touch, it would provide them with more.

    So with a broad ‘theme’ of value and beliefs, you can start to think of what drove you towards ‘Circles and Squares’, towards figurative nudes. What beyond of the existing form makes the work tick.

    I think this would also help us over the next two months come up with a solid argument for why we do what we each of us do.