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Why I do what I do

This website will give you a glimpse into my work as an artist,  community builder and activist. I have been negotiating the world through the lens of a creative entrepreneur for the last two decades. It's been a wonderful journey with a lot of learning and collaborating with people I deeply respect.
In the coming years, I believe that creative thinkers will be crucial to document, stitch, hold and present the world. We are at the very edge of collapse on one side, and of a future that can spin out into unimaginable wonders on the other. I believe we can get to the happier side by working together!

panels 2 and 3

December 9th, 2010

these are the other two panels i am working on – and i still have one more to go!! yes, this is serious crunch time and honestly i dont know if i can pull it off. however, i can only try. I am thinking that for the show i might have to put two pieces from earlier on in the blog as well if these four are not finished. Anyway, its not like the older ones are not a part of this journey.

however, i do really hope that this can be pulled off.
no comments yet on what i am trying to achieve. just dreamlike surreal images evoking quietness and calm.


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